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Welcome to 
South Africa!

Welcome to our world in one country. Welcome to South Africa and welcome to Africa4U. We hope you have a nice, memorable stay with us and that you will return regularly to come and experience more of our hospitality.

In these pages we will give you all the information you need to plan your holiday in South Africa. We would like to show you the tourism information of each and every town in our country. This will include things like what there is to see, what cultural activities are taking place, what you can do and where you can stay.

We want you to experience the cultural diversity of our rainbow nation and take withMeiringspoort you a little bit of the soul of South Africa. We want you to see our game parks and breath the fresh air that you can only get in the African bush. We want you to feel the African sun on your skin and see our blue skies and when it is time for a sundowner, to sit down and see some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

We want you to experience the pulsing nightlife in our cities, beating like the African drum, or sleep in a bush camp with only the sounds of nature around you. Sounds like t he roar of the African Lion or of animals frantically running away, trying to escape the claws  of predators like the leopard. 

We want you to look through God'ns Window and look down over the Mpumalanga Low Veldt, more than 1000 meters down. We want you to hear the trumpeting of the African Elephant as it majestically moves through the bush and we want you to relax on outstretched white beaches or look down the Big Hole of the Kimberley Mine Museum...

Enjoy our country! Enjoy our people.

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